Monday, 16 May 2011

Busy Day

Just got back from the precinct a few hours ago. I feel a lot more better after a taking a shower, clears the mind for whatever work I do. Things were a little hectic today when a case came into our department. We had to go to an old rental apartment and do what we always did. We bagged evidence, took pictures, talked to a few people and et cetra, et cetra. About a whole hour and a half was wasted just by me and a few officers talking to every single tenant in the apartment. By then, CSU already combed through the whole place and took whatever counted as evidence.  I won't be saying anything about the case that can get me suspended by the captain, but I can say what I think about it. Which is that it was probably a suicide. Probably, and I won't go any further on the details.

Anyways, the hardest part comes after that. Telling the relatives. This is probably the one part which I dread the most in my work. Every single time there's a dead body, they always expect someone to deliver the news. You'll probably think, "Hey, nothing big. I'll get used to it in no time."

Well, I can tell you that it definitely is not something you get used to.

It's not just the crying faces that I get to see, I have to keep a straight face through the whole thing every time I announce the death of their friends, wives, husbands, kids and even the occasional grandfather. I have to see if they're lying about what they say and most of the time they are. Relationships can be just as true as a horror fiction story, you believe if you're convinced to.

There are also times when the uglier side of humanity gets revealed. The seven sins are always seen on those faces. I have heard people asking things they shouldn't ask when they're told someone they know in their lives just died away. I used to think that working for Vice had been bad before being transferred. But now, I take it all back. It makes me sick to see those smug snakes, I can tell you that.

I'm just going to stop talking about the case now, just thinking about it is starting to wake up some bad memories.

I need to sleep.

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