Saturday, 21 May 2011


Another case came into our department yesterday. I'm being as careful as I can with the details on this blog. As far as I know, I'm trying as hard as I can to avoid breaking rules. The victim was found indefinitely murdered with a direct stabbing to the neck with a long thin weapon, probably a medical syringe. From what I know, it was pretty lethal. The victim was killed within minutes after a foreign substance was injected into his body. We found his body in his apartment, it was still fresh.

Neighbors didn't really help us much. They said he liked to keep to himself and didn't really have any problems with people. Your typical quite neighbor. I'm sure you know from the title of this post by now. He's connected to the case I've been working on with the team for the past few days. From what medical examinations said, the method and weapon were the same on both cases. But why them? So far, we've found no connections in their lives other than their deaths.  

I felt angry when Captain Montague passed the file over to the guys and me. If we had managed to find something, he wouldn't have died. When I came into Homicide, I had expected things like this to happen. But that didn't mean I could handle it with a straight face. Danny and Jacky worked in the precinct with me all night yesterday. Nothing turned up. I came home around five in the morning to take a short rest. Sam was waiting for me I think, she just smiled at me when I came in. She heated up some Chinese noodles she had ordered earlier and told me to eat it. I felt awkward, the person I was offering my house to was taking care of me instead. I ate and went to sleep.

It's almost half past nine in the morning now, I'm about ready to go back and join the guys at the precinct again. Samantha's probably awake by now, I can hear her cooking something. I hope she doesn't burn the place down. Time to go.

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